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Play Yukuleelee ' s Past ...

Download version 1.1 here , or just click on the title to download !
Simply extract the archive with e.g. 7zip
and run the .exe file to get you in - game !
Navigate the Space Hunter Yuka Arana
with the arrow keys left to right ,
press Left Control to hover and Spacebar to shoot .
Your mission will be to erase all of the extraterrestrial bios ( it are 25 ) ,
to restore peace for the population of the Planet Vanerada ...
Enjoy the game , it is not as easy as you might think for the first time !

Ingame Screenshots :

Known Issues or Bugs :

If one of the bios traps within a corner , do not give
one hundred and twenty per cent of your fire power -
because that might cause the bios to leave gaming stage
and you will have to resume the whole game !
We have worked to our best to provide dynamically stable physics ...

The Game will not run on each computer or operating system .
It is restricted to Windows 7 , 8.1 ( Windows 8 , too ? ) and may be Windows 10
beside you will need a good graphics card and a fast processor to game ...

The Game might take a time to load ...


Communication-Design with a liking for illustration, nice animation and a passion for games.

Über mich:

Kommunikationsdesign mit einer Vorliebe für Illustration, schöne Animation und einer Passion für Games.

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